Fire protection in schools

CFPA-E Guideline No 39:2021 F

This Guideline is concerned with fire safety in schools, new and existing. In these activities, there is a great variety in the age of occupants and in their awareness concerning the exact characteristics of the spaces that they occupy.Most European countries have national or local codes concerning the fire safety of schools, but the legislation can be very different between countries.

The intention of this Guideline is to provide a common basis for the fire safety of all schools in all European countries, excluding nurseries and schools with small numbers of people.

Dormitories and student residences are not covered by this Guideline.This guideline is primarily intended for those responsible for fire safety in schools. It is also addressed to the rescue services, consultants, safety companies and others who, in course of their work, may be able to help to increase the level of fire safety in schools

The objectives of this Guideline are :

Reduce the probability of a fire, or even avoid the possibility of a fire;

Reduce, in case of fire, the consequences of the fire on people and on properties;

Guarantee the maximum possible safety for people;

Reduce the intervention by external Fire fighters and assure the maximum possible safety for Fire fighters in case of intervention

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